Aust & NZ
6th Sep 2022

We are thrilled to introduce the new Parex brand Identity.

Our journey with Parex began in 2012 when it was welcomed into the Pentana Solutions family. Based in the Netherlands, Parex specialises in industry leading parts solutions for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMS); connecting thousands of buyers with millions of parts across a global network. Since becoming part of the larger Pentana Solutions brand, Parex has continued to flourish; extending our partner integrations and continuing to drive efficiencies across global distribution networks.

So why rebrand Parex?

Established as a database development company in 1998 under the name “JJJA Advies”, Parex has come a long way to become the global powerhouse in parts management that it is today. The continued dedication of the Parex Team towards innovating and adapting our products to meet our customers’ ever-changing needs has meant significant expansion into new markets and growth in our product portfolio.

To celebrate this success and ensure the brand reflects our current values, we committed ourselves to undertaking a complete rebrand of Parex and the product suite. Our aim was to communicate our focus on innovation through a modernised identity, while also making space for future development.

Introducing the new brand Identity.

We are thrilled to present to you today the eye-catching new Parex brand identity. The modern design of our new logotype symbolises our focus on innovation. With a nod to the past, it represents our decades of experience providing parts solutions. Bold and distinct, with a sense of ease, our new branding has been designed to mark a new era for our growing business.

See the exciting new Parex Corporate Identity below.

We proudly present the new branding for our Parex Product Suite.

Prior to 2020, the main offering of Parex was on our flagship product, Parex Locator (previously known simply as Parex). This impressive product is responsible for much of our success today, however Parex has evolved to become much more than a single product. Our new repositioned corporate Identity and individualised product branding creates a distinct separation between product and brand; making space for new products within the Parex Suite.

For more information about Parex Locator, click here.

For more information about Parex Forecasting, click here.

Introducing the new Parex Website

We are also immensely proud to share our new Parex website with you. Along with our reimagined Parex corporate branding, this amazing new website marks a new era for the future of Parex. Please click the button in the image below to check out the new website.

To receive updates on Parex, please follow our new LinkedIn page.