Aust & NZ
17th Nov 2013

Pentana Solutions is excited to announce the continuing success of
the automotive parts exchange, PareX, in the UK market. As of November
1, 2013, PareX will be available for UK Jaguar and Land Rover Dealers
under the name Edix. The automotive parts exchange provides a platform
for inter-dealer trading nationally and internationally; allowing
participating dealers a greater opportunity for sales of obsolete and
purchase of hard to source automotive parts and accessories. This latest
implementation will provide dealers in the UK a connection to the
majority of the Land Rover and Jaguar dealers globally.

PareX has been proven in service since 2000, supporting in excess of
6000 franchised dealers throughout the World. The benefits of the PareX
system made the decision to subscribe a ‘no brainer’ among Jaguar and
Land Rover dealers in the UK. When presented to both the Land Rover and
Jaguar Parts Panel, the automotive parts exchange gained unanimous

Like any franchise, there are times when specific parts are
temporarily on backorder from Jaguar on Land Rover, but available in the
network stock. The PareX service now enables dealers to locate and
transact this stock, potentially reducing courtesy vehicle costs and
improving customer satisfaction.

Additionally, PareX provides dealers with a channel to move
redundant, slow-moving inventory at pre-determined terms to another
dealer in the Jaguar or Land Rover network that has a requirement for
the product.

The plan is to get the majority of the network accessing PareX
through Q4 2013. Pentana Solutions looks forward to being part of their
continued success.

For more information regarding PareX to contact us.