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21st Sep 2015

The advantages of a cloud based dealership program

Every day cloud computing is single handily changing the automotive industry and its day to day operations. More and more consumers are using a network of remote servers hosted on the internet to store, manage, and process data rather than a local server on a personal computer. The demand for a cloud is still in a significant boom period and considering a cloud based dealership program increases network speed and security, cloud computing is continuing to grow and grow, and grow. And we’ve only just touched on some of the benefits.


If there is a major benefit to use a cloud based dealership program then security of your data would be top of the list. Keep in mind each dealership program supplier applies different coding to keep your data secure. Some dealership program suppliers store the data from different business together in one shared cloud on a single server, sharing resources. Whilst this method is the most cost effective, it may not be suitable for all companies. The more secure cloud solution is using a private cloud where the data resides on its own virtual server within its own individual network. This also reduces traffic congestion of users accessing the cloud from other businesses.

Reduced Limitations

When it comes to up scaling, a cloud based dealership program will allow a low maintenance up scale. In a society like today, where things change at a rapid pace without too much warning, a flexible dealership program which can grow as you grow, is a must. The great feature of a cloud based program is that you only need to pay for the storage you need and additional storage can be added very easily without any physical work required. By adding additional storage, speed is not effected.

Cost Savings

You can eliminate using your own costly server that can quickly become outdated and not to mention, avoid maintenance costs. You only pay for the data you need, not buying a server capable of holding an amount of data you predict you will need. To continue along the path of cost savings, you will notice a decrease in power consumption by not having the server and most providers will include customer service at no additional cost. Simply raise any concerns, issues or problems with phone or online support whenever you need without the worry of cost saving you not only money, but also headaches.

What can Pentana Solutions offer you?

Watch Andre Roza, General Manager of Infrastructure and Networks discuss the benefits of a Pentana Solutions’ cloud solution. Andre continues to cover benefits such as backups and recovery, hardware replacements and the overall product awareness in house.

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