Aust & NZ
11th Nov 2015

Improve your dealership’s ability to book, schedule, monitor & search your loan car inventory…

Scenario 1.
It’s morning peak hour at your dealership, a customer phones or walks into your service department and asks “Mr Service advisor do you have a loan car available and if no, when is one available?”
What do you do???

  • Head out to see what’s available on the car lot?
  • Jump on the computer and look at an excel spreadsheet, which hasn’t been updated?
  • Ask the other service advisors what is available?

Scenario 2.
Receptionist hands you another traffic infringement from a few months back?
What do you do???

  • Begin searching for paperwork?
  • Look at the spreadsheet which still hasn’t been updated?
  • Is it just all too hard so you just nominate someone in your dealership?

Scenario 3.
A customer wants to take a new car for a test drive but first you need to see if the car and trade plate is available?
What do you do???

  • Start searching to see if the car is free?
  • Enter and track the trade plate details manually?
  • Photocopy their license and manually complete a paper agreement?

We have a loan car solution for you to improve your staff’s productivity, transparency and clarity.
Pentana Solutions Loan Car solution has the ability to manage all your loan car inventory across your dealership and/or group. Pentana Solutions Loan Car solution is extremely flexible, providing with the ability to be setup to suit your dealership requirements and can be catered for all your needs.

Feel free to complete the contact form below to submit an enquiry, or continue reading about the other benefits of Pentana Solutions Loan Car.

Being a fully integrated solution into Pentana Solutions other products; Showroom, Online Service Bookings and License Scanning it allows you to access a variety of information at your fingertips. From viewing all customer details associated to a particular loan car, seeing the availability of a loan car and even view who and when a loan car was sold. Gain a clearer understanding and have the knowledge that your dealership knows all current history of any of your loan cars for tracking and auditing purposes in one place, Pentana Solution Enhanced Loan Car solution. Let us help you improve your dealership productivity, reduce the time taken running around looking for variety of paperwork, emails or asking other staff members about a loan cars history.
Manage all your loan car needs in this efficient and effective loan car solution.

Pentana Solutions Loan car solution includes:

  • Ability to assign loan car vehicles to different departments or stores and has the capability to active or deactivate a loan car when needed
  • Creation of customised template agreements for your service customers, test drive customers and your staff
  • You can add in the number of days the loan car is required for, which will allow service advisors to search for the next available date in the Service Appointment calendar
  • Allows you to allocate a loan car when the customers arrives or can relocate if the customer doesn’t arrive in real time and can also be views in the booking summary screen
  • Capability to add a temporary vehicle if there are no vehicles available or add one just for the day if required
  • Allows reservation or allocations to service appointments and RO’s, giving your dealership the ability to on charge the loan car and generate more money for the dealership
  • Full auditing functionality is available providing all history of all loan cars, demos and even your trade plate

This is just to name a few…
Improve the way your dealership loan car inventory is controlled with Pentana Solutions Loan Car, contact your BRM or complete the form below

*Currently only available on eraPower