Aust & NZ
13th Aug 2014

Here at Pentana Solutions we’re always intrigued by new opportunities to maximise profits for Dealers. We’re constantly brainstorming, testing, and creating new ideas - and when we find a good one, we can’t wait to get it to our customers.

Lately we’ve been focused on how we can help Dealers maximise the full potential of their sales campaigns. Many times dealerships receive many interested enquiries, but the campaign momentum doesn’t always follow through to a close of sale. That’s where we knew we could help. After speaking with many Dealers around the country, we uncovered a proven plan for gaining new marketing sales leads, recovering lost sales and providing an overall greater return for sales campaigns. Why waste all that time and energy in campaigns and appointments to not actually close the sale - when with a few simple steps, you still can.

A proven method for following through on unsold marketing sales leads is found through the use of our CRM Contact Centre with a three pronged approach. Essentially we help through the following -

1. Contacting your database on your behalf to appoint test drives.

2. Call any potential lost sales - reappoint or provide feedback.

3. Call after delivery to maintain your CSI levels.

By outsourcing the work to Pentana Solutions, you’re essentially letting us do the hard work for you. We uncover marketing sales leads that were once written off as dead, and put the revenue back in your pocket.

Following up really has been that simple, and the ROI for dealers has proved a no brainer. If you’d like to give it a try today, our CRM consultants are standing by to help.

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