Aust & NZ
22nd Mar 2016

Industry leading wholesale parts platform FieldForce (a product of RANDEM) is officially part of our Integrated Partner Program.

This new integrated partnership delivers greater efficiencies to those using the FieldForce solution.

When asked to describe FieldForce; Andrew Selim, Director of FieldForce Operations says, ‘The platform helps Automotive Dealers and OEM’s sell more wholesale parts by bringing everything they need into one holistic solution – customer data, sales intelligence, staff activity, journey planning, issue management, workflow optimisation, digital marketing and more.’

Designed hand in hand with dealers and OEMs, FieldForce connects everyone in the supply channel. ‘We know the challenges each stakeholder faces selling parts in such the competitive marketplace. From Auto Parts Sales Representatives striving for new sales, Parts Managers demanding better performance, OEM’s looking for more effective communication channels, and the whole channel competing against the aftermarket - we’ve developed what we feel to be the most comprehensive wholesale parts solution of its kind.” says Andrew.

Cloud-based and optimized for mobile, FieldForce is designed to be insightful, simple and accessible no matter the user.

Currently used by over 50 of Australia’s largest wholesale-focused dealers and expanding into new markets, FieldForce promises to deliver stronger wholesale parts sales through;

  • More efficient and focused AutoParts Sales Representatives
  • Improved customer service through workflow optimisation
  • Real-time identification of sales threats and opportunities

Although every parts operation is different, when asked to quantify these outcomes, dealers (on average) typically see:

  • 6 hours per week saving per manager across tracking, data analysis and rep & customer management
  • 10 hours per week saving per Auto Parts Sales Representative across scheduling, admin and customer service tasks
  • 50% improvement in daily call rates

In short, Auto Parts Sales Representatives spend more time in the field seeing more customers, asking the right questions and delivering better customer service. Parts Managers achieve complete transparency on representative activity and customer feedback, so field based staff rarely need to be in the dealership while issues and opportunities can be attended to quickly. OEMs too have a real-time marketing & communications channel, helping them realise more out of their marketing investment while providing the ability to measure market response instantaneously.

The solution removes several manual, time consuming and outdated processes by digitally transforming front office operations helping set new standards for how franchised dealers function in the wholesale parts environment.

‘It’s amazing, each time we present FieldForce to a new dealer, they just can’t believe how tailored it is to their business, what it can do for the cost and how fast we can get them up and running. And we’re constantly working with our dealers to make it even better – they’ve really become our biggest advocates and we see our partnership with Pentana Solutions as another way to make their experience with us even better’, says Andrew.

Haley Bowman, Integration Partner Program and Networks Manager says, ‘we’re very excited to realise the opportunity this represents, not only for our business but our combined customers as well. We’ve already seen FieldForce in action as a standalone solution and this coupled with RANDEM’s drive for technological excellence will only aid further success in the automotive industry. By integrating with FieldForce we envision a long and prosperous partnership that will benefit small, medium and large parts sales operations.’