Aust & NZ
18th Jun 2016

Today, businesses are increasingly under pressure to be more agile and responsive. Canon’s imageRUNNER multifunction devices directly address these challenges by enabling businesses to work smarter. This series of devices converge existing office systems and services rather than simply connecting them.

Designed to transform workflows from a series of individual processes to a continuous, integrated flow of shared information, the platform acts as a central information and communications hub and incorporates innovative cloud and mobile solutions, extensive security measures and powerful new software offerings.

With a versatile range of devices to suit any business size, there’s something for everyone

Achieve Mobility

According to a recent Australian research study, 72% of workers are still unable to print a document from their mobile device, with 50% of senior management wishing they could edit, review and action business documents and information on their mobile device. All imageRUNNER ADVANCE GEN II models are equipped to take advantage of several mobile and cloud-based solutions that enable customers to safely print and scan from a variety of devices and locations.

Achieve Control

All Canon multifunction devices come with an all-in-one solution that provides convenient user authentication for device access control as well as advanced personal productivity and usage tracking for all business environments.

Achieve Quality

As the winners of the BLI Line of the Year for A3 and A4 for 2016, when you purchase a Canon Multifunction device you know you’ll be buying the highest quality in the market

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