Aust & NZ
1st Oct 2020

Now more than ever, communication is key with your customers. How do you achieve this with a smaller workforce and less resources? In light of the current economic challenges, we have made our call centre available to all automotive dealerships, manufacturers and distributors to help save you time and money.

Pentana Solutions is offering you a virtual receptionist service that is available on a pay-per-call basis. This means, no full time salary or lock-in contract, available to start immediately. We can help with proactively generating vehicle sales and service appointments on your behalf through the following services:

  • SMS bulk campaigns (e.g. we are open for business, you are due for service etc.)
  • Scheduled and lapsed service phone calls
  • Sales and service campaigns (including service reminders)
  • OEM recalls & warranty expiry campaigns
  • Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) follow up calls


  1. Instant deliverability – For every $1 spent with our in-house call centre, the average Return on Investment (ROI) is approximately $8.
  2. Cost effective – Pay as you go, no commitment or contract required, start immediately.
  3. Detailed Reporting – easy to read, detailed monthly reports provided (including ROI).
  4. Consistent customer communications – Get your message out effectively and efficiently.
  5. Updated database – Ensuring your database is maintained, freeing up your dealership staff for more important tasks.

Communicate safely to your customers.

Start Immediately.