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A reliable network that is flexible to changing business needs.

Software-defined WAN is quickly replacing traditional Wide Area Networks (WANs) as more businesses realise the need to upgrade their networking for today’s cloud-based world. Pentana Solutions SD-WAN simplifies the way networks are designed, deployed and managed. It provides powerful capabilities that increase the agility of IT teams whilst simultaneously reducing running costs.

Many SD-WAN devices can be installed without the need to remove your existing network equipment, making the transition to SD-WAN easier than expected. Downtime within a dealership can be a massive deal breaker, therefore a secure and reliable network is imperative in ensuring your applications and systems are running smoothly.

Regardless of where you are in your journey, Pentana Solutions offers a full life cycle of cloud and network services to support your transition. Our expects will create a road map for success that maximises network performance, security, uptime and efficiency.

Pentana Solutions SD-WAN benefits and features include :

  • Easy and simple deployment
  • Increased network bandwidths at a lower cost
  • Centralised management
  • Options for connection types and vendor selection
  • Direct connectivity to Pentana Cloud


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