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eraPower’s showroom software module helps automotive dealers sell more vehicles. Whether automotive dealers are based in the metropolitan or provincial locations in Asia, the product still has significant benefits for all.

Q: How does eraPower help automotive dealers sell more vehicles?
A: It’s designed around a smart sales funnel that guides dealers through a tried and tested process, allowing end customers to efficiently purchase a vehicle that is best suited to their needs. Happy customers make loyal customers and building loyalty throughout the entire customer’s purchase experience is the ultimate goal of all automotive dealerships. Loyal customers buy more from the dealership and gladly refer business back into the dealerships.

Keeping Automotive Dealership Profit Leaks Under Control

Pentana Solutions understands that reducing profit leaks is a key area of interest for many automotive dealers. The functionality within eraPower’s showroom software provide these proper controls by eliminating calculation errors on taxes, registration and other related costs. When calculating vehicle deal pricing, ERAnet assists sales team members by doing calculations for them and locking them down so they can’t be changed. Furthermore eraPower’s showroom software will ensure vehicle pricing is automatically entered and maintained in sync with manufacturer recommended pricing monthly or even weekly. On top of this, margins are kept up to date within eraPower via seamless integration on work scheduled or required from the service department (PDI or accessory fitments).
Furthermore, dealership management can set minimum margin levels which ensures profits leaks are controlled and managed within the system.
The benefits of these functions are twofold. The automotive dealers’ sales consultants have more attention to the consumer in front of them while margin is protected in each and every deal. These are real benefits for any dealership and can have significant impact as sales volumes increase.

Visibility of Your Showroom Prospects

Automotive dealers and their management team need visibility to improve processes and reward performance. Understanding and measuring the activity of your showroom sales consultants in handling prospects, regardless of conversions into sales is highly critical because the industry understands the high acquisition cost of each prospect lead. eraPower’s showroom software module highlights this activity to help management stay on top of each valuable lead and provide focus when needed. Having this invaluable insight allows Sales Managers and even Dealer Principals commend their strongest sales team members and train others.

Improving Gross Profit Within Your Dealership

eraPower provides automotive dealerships with a clean way to upsell dealer accessory options. Once proper set up has been done, eraPower’s showroom module will give the viewer a neat accessory menu tool. This menu will only display accessories appropriate to a specific vehicle model and include fitment amounts in the vehicle price. A dealership sales person can either sell each accessory item to the consumer or the computer screen can be turned around to allow them to select which items they would like to choose. The sales funnel-based approach ensures each deal goes through the system, improving gross profit on every vehicle sales deal.

Save Your Most Important Resource - Time

Your automotive dealership showroom is about selling vehicles – making deals. Pentana Solutions understands this and has ensured that deal processing saves your dealership more time without compromising controls. With eraPower’s showroom module, deal processing is reduced to a five minute task, data entry is only done once and at the same time the software makes another effort to protect projected gross profit. This ensures your dealership’s human resources are focused on getting more sales, rather than processing those they have already sold.

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