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Both eraPower’s Business Intelligence and Accounting systems are used by the largest dealership groups in Australasia. Big business needs tools to support big targets so leaders choose to provide their staff with the best fit.

When it comes to Accounting systems, eraPower offers a robust Automotive accounting system as it’s one of the most integrated available in Asia. Several years ago Toyota Philippines made the decision to invest in eraPower because it had the breadth to support their national network of dealers. Furthermore, eraPower provides a platform for customers to add modules as they grow and all these modules will sync perfectly into the accounting system. Moreover, eraPower’s Accounting System has a broad set of integrations to a wide range of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) systems.

Business Intelligence for Control and Influence

Executive eraPower, just one of the Business Intelligence tools available with the Dealer Management System (DMS) has over 200 reports available out of the box. These reports are the collective product which has resulted from test and real world use by the largest dealer groups, some with over 100 dealerships in their network. Dealer Principals across the ASEAN region can be confident that Executive eraPower will harvest high volumes of data and represent this is a clear usable reporting format that is relevant to an automotive business. This Business Intelligence tool gives Dealer Principals, Financial Controllers and owners data that will benefit their automotive businesses because it’s uninterrupted, trustworthy and live.

Use Your Daily Commute & Your Smart Phone to Stay Ahead

Although Pentana Solutions has been in operation for a number of decades the company is still very much in touch with the tools used by managers of today’s Dealerships. The innovations team understand the role smart phones play across the ASEAN region and created Pulse. Its business intelligence and mobility rolled into one.
Pentana Solutions understands that Dealer Principals are always on the go and Pulse’s Business Intelligence represents a ready reference to monitor business at any time. Current users are jumping ahead of competition by using their commute to prepare for meetings and be in control of the numerous staff they employ – maximising their valuable time as a key manager. Not only does Pulse offer a great way to manage staff but it supports management of Dealer Principal relationships with third party suppliers, be they OEMs, financiers or other suppliers. Numbers and data are the number one way to cut through to each and every stakeholder in a business.

Making Accounting Within the Automotive Dealership More Efficient

eraPower’s Accounting system captures all transactions across a dealership which gives Financial Controllers all the proper audit trails critical to their success. Whilst eraPower ticks all the boxes an accounting system should it also takes the complexities of the automotive business into account. eraPower is able to do this because of decades of continued innovation and improvement for all its global customers. It’s proven design.
Users within the Philippines are able to take specific advantage of the warranty claims and credits functionality within eraPower. Previously offline credit requests were quite time consuming but now the process from closing an RO to obtaining a credit approval from an OEM can be completed within the same day.

If you’re looking for an Accounting System or a tool for Business Intelligence for your dealership, you’ve found the right one.

Add On Modules for eraPower


SMSLink is a fully integrated text messaging tool to enhance how you communicate with customers. Through this integration into report writer, there’s no longer a need to extract information to third party platforms to send a message.


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