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Taking Care of Your Bike, Boat or Vehicle Dealership Showroom with Nova

This dealer management system offers easy to use showroom software designed for businesses across the Australian and New Zealand region. Understanding the retail showroom environment is a big job. Pentana Solutions has created a Dealer Management System (DMS) that begins the end customer journey the right way, ensuring the showroom team captures information right from the beginning. From quote, stock control to salesperson’s diaries it Nova’s showroom module will offer it all in a simple windows based configuration.

In the Automotive retail environment efficiency and process are key, so this DMS showroom module has been designed with these dealership benefits in mind.

Documentation for Your Customers – Quote through Invoice

This software module will take care of quotes, contracts and invoices with one single click between each stage. This time saving leaves your showroom staff with more time to concentrate on the deal and customer instead of a set of screens within a retail showroom software solution.
Furthermore the quotation segment actually allows your staff to attach an image of the vehicle, boat or bike a customer is looking to buy. If you must pick up discussions at a later stage your dealership paperwork will ensure the business and brand is top of mind, not someone else’s.

Bundle Stock Items – Make the Deal Simple

Being able to place multiple stock items onto one invoice is a big plus for boat and machinery dealerships. This bundle or grouping functionality within this dealer management system still allows each item to be sold separately giving the dealership clarity but it’s great from a customer perspective in that the paperwork is simpler.

Maintaining Margins Through Cost Visibility

We’ve all heard the old adage that a sales person is weakest right before the customer signs. This is why Nova’s showroom software module has been designed to give them all the information they need to make the best deal, for the business and the customer. One way Nova’s showroom software does this is by giving sales teams visibility of all unfinished repair orders. This allows clarity of the real cost of the asset for in the case of pre-delivery or reconditioning work being unfinished. With this information your showroom staff can negotiate with more confidence. Once the negotiations are over the Nova Showroom Software module also offers neat functionality around drive away pricing. When entering the total contract price Nova will recalculate stamp duty, applicable taxes and then state discounts on the contract giving both parties clarity and a feeling of a negotiation gone well.

Synergy Across Parts and Sales Business Areas

When selling parts and accessories through Nova’s showroom software users are met with a flexible system to facilitate their deal without effecting overall business profitability. Nova’s showroom software module will allow authorised user to edit the sale price of any accessory but if the retail price is higher the internal transfer will maintain the original price. Pentana Solutions designed this functionality ensure margins on parts as well as retail sales are maintained overall. This functionality of the Nova Dealer Management System will deliver on that key area of improvement for most dealership businesses in the country, linking departmental goals.

These are just some of the benefits Nova’s showroom module offers its current users across Australia and New Zealand. Those migrating from a paper based system will see significant differences whilst those who have made the move from a different software option will be backed by a company who commits to innovation to transform your business.

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