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Create Secure and Scalable Infrastructure with Pentana IaaS.

Pentana Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) replaces the need to have physical servers hosted onsite. This allows dealers to create scalable, cost-effective IT solutions without the complexity and costly hardware required to host servers locally.

Dealers can typically have a range of servers onsite to host services such as active directory, file serving, print servers, remote desktop applications, intranets, parts catalogues, emails, warehousing systems and much more for larger dealer groups. In order to host these servers onsite, dealers often need to have physical infrastructure in a suitable environment that they can self-manage.

This form of traditional data backups can be very labour intensive. The management and maintenance of tape backups require full-time IT staff who will have to manually backup software on each workstation and system. For larger dealership groups, the effort and care required to maintain tape backups are far too complex and costly.

65% of Pentana Solutions’ customers have committed to Pentana Cloud, which means they can also take advantage of what the Pentana IaaS model has to offer.

What is Pentana IaaS?

Some of the benefits and features of Pentana IaaS include:

  • Cost Savings: Unlike traditional infrastructure setups, IaaS requires lower upfront cost to maintain hardware, network requirement, power, cooling, security and aged equipment.
  • On-demand Scalability: Scale resources according to your business needs, from one application to many.
  • Increased Reliability: The availability and resilience of cloud applications can exceed traditional approaches.
  • Improved Security: Robust control over your data without having to worry about securing your own server room.
  • Greater Flexibility: Access your files and data off-site easily and quickly.


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