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If a new service centre or department, boasting a clean and professional waiting room with only the most exceptional customer service is the goal then Workshop Control is the solution to complete the ultimate customer experience.

Using Workshop Control, the old in tray, job allocation board and piles of repair orders can be kept behind closed doors and all you will need is a computer or mobile device. From here, the possibilities are endless as you can allocate all jobs and repair orders to specific technicians ensuring not a moment in the day is lost.

As a change is made, status comments and messages are sent with-in the system (Service Advisor) delivering open communication through the service team, without the need for your advisors to run back and forth to the foreman all the time.

Add multiple technicians to one Repair Order and break down the time each technician will spend on the overall repair. This is great for allowing specific technicians to do what they do best.

Finally, to take your workshop to that next level, monitoring mode will display on an external screen the next repair order a technician will be working on. There’s very little need for a technician to leave their service bay, staying highly productive at all times.

As you can tell, we get really excited when talking about Workshop Control and we are sure you will also.

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