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Since the removal of vehicle registration expiry stickers in Australia, dealers have been manually checking expiry details on each vehicle using non-integrated online portals. If a driver is caught driving an unregistered vehicle and/or a vehicle that is not covered by Compulsory Third Party insurance, the fines can be hefty. The approximate fine for each state is shown below:

  • Queensland $779
  • Victoria $758
  • ACT $660
  • New South Wales $607
  • South Australia $374
  • Darwin $297
  • Tasmania $285.25
  • Western Australia $250

Source: CarsGuide, Driving Unregistered Vehicle Fines and Penalties, 21 May 2019.

For large dealerships, this can mean manually checking over 100 vehicles per day, in both Service and Showroom. A process that can take over an hour every day which adds up to 250 hours per year, or just over 6 working weeks.

What is eraPower regSafe?

Powered by the National Exchange of Vehicle and Driver Information system (NEVDIS) database, eraPower regSafe checks for registration status using registration number, VIN or chassis number. The status instantly populates in your eraPower DMS providing peace of mind to your staff who are performing the work that the vehicle requires.

Apart from validating a registration expiry, regSafe alerts dealers within eraPower of any vehicles that have an invalid VIN, invalid or incorrect registration number and/or incorrect registration number for a VIN.

Based on the information that we have been able to gather from dealers using this system, we are finding that on average 1% of all cars serviced at franchise dealerships are unregistered vehicles, which could be approximately 10 vehicles per month. regSafe identifies any unregistered vehicles and prevents any potential liability, as performing a road test in an unregistered vehicle means that all road insurances are void and any fault lies with the driver/business that chose to drive the car whilst unregistered.

Below are some key benefits of this interface:

  • Increases efficiency through seamless integration with eraPower
  • Performs real time and/or batch checks
  • Easily checks a registration expiry when appraising a vehicle
  • Reduces risk and liability of dealership staff driving unregistered vehicles
  • Improves accuracy of vehicle identifications
  • Saves time
  • Improves customer experiences and relations by alerting them of expired registrations

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