Aust & NZ
19th Dec 2014

Whilst some might say a printer is the simplest part of a dealership and any model or make could do the job, we beg to differ. 90% of our automotive clients across Australia and New Zealand using Kyocera printers, do so for a number of reasons. Today, we want to share those reasons with you.

Reason 1. – Low Running Costs

Kyocera toner cartridges are just that - they only contain toner, not expensive parts. Clients using Kyocera toner cartridges enjoy low running costs, often reporting 50% lower than comparable products. In many cases the Kyocera printers and Multi-Function Printers (MFP) even use an interchangeable toner cartridge. This means our clients aren’t left waiting for a replacement when the pressure is on.

Reason 2. – Long Lasting & Robust

The Kyocera printers we recommend to our clients use a ceramic drum, and can last as long as 600,000 pages depending on the model used. For most of our customers using these Kyocera printers, the only supplies they ever need to purchase for the life of the printer are toners.

Reason 3. – Competitive Purchase Price

Value for money pricing is key and through our long-term relationship with Kyocera we have negotiated highly competitive pricing which we pass on to our dealership clients. In order to continue providing competitive pricing we align our price book with price comparison tools weekly.

Reason 4. - Products Backed by Warranty

Kyocera delivers the industry’s only 5 year warranty that includes all toner, parts and service for a full 60 months. This is delivered through Kyocera’s innovative Managed Print Services (MPS) plan. Our dealership clients who buy a Kyocera printer, put it on an MPS and never have to order toner again.*

Reason 5. – Clean Integration for Document Management

The scan capabilities of the Kyocera multifunction printers MFPs are perfectly aligned to the new DocuSmart Archive and Payables system. The Kyocera scanner will compress any size document by approximately 90% without impacting the clarity of the scanned image. This means that important documents such as deal packs, service ROs and creditors invoices arrive in the dealership archive promptly and accurately all thanks to smart integration between Kyocera printers and DocuSmart.

If these five reasons aren’t enough to convince you, please invite one of our specialists into your dealership to learn more today.

*The MPS is available in Capital cities only. If your location is regional or remote then we can deliver 4 year warranties and low cost toner supplies.