Aust & NZ
1st Sep 2015

We’re here for the workhorse. There is one at every business, in every office and Pentana Solutions is here to make their day a little bit easier.

Q: How do you recognise your business’s workhorse?

A: They’re most often a desk bound employee who finishes the day surrounded by paperwork. Often found in finance and administration departments, these workhorses know your business inside and out, are very loyal, organised, have fantastic work ethic and don’t find any job too hard. The truth is, they’re spending much of their day storing, retrieving and re-reading paperwork to ensure your business keeps pace.

What if we could make these instrumental members of your business even more effective and that little bit happier? We believe we have the answer and it’s called DocuSmart electronic document management.

What is DocuSmart?

DocuSmart is a set of integrated electronic document management software tools. DocuSmart Scan, DocuSmart Archive, DocuSmart Output, DocuSmart Payables and soon to launch DocuSmart Workflow can work independently or as a collective team to reduce paper and enhance processing throughout your business. The goal of this electronic document management solution is to streamline your entire organisation with one or all of these integrated tools.

Reducing the Need for Data Entry with DocuSmart Scan

Electronic Document Management via scanning and optical character recognition (OCR) isn’t new, but we like to believe we’ve evolved them to make them more valuable tools for your business. DocuSmart Scan will accept paper invoices, receipts and electronic documents with text, barcode or fixed zone values. This electronic document management tool then converts them to PDF, TIFF, Microsoft Excel, Word, or PowerPoint with full text extraction. The value of these file types is that they are now indexed and searchable.

Implementing DocuSmart Scan means the photocopier is redundant and those piles of paper are gone, but not forgotten.

Find that File Fast with DocuSmart Archive

We’ve heard horror stories about archiving, or lack thereof. Whilst archiving on site offers convenience it’s often controlled by one department and categorisation schema, creating a key man dependency. Physical archiving can also become costly over time when it comes to storage fees as well as potential fines when files are considered lost. In some cases not being able to find documents in some industries can mean tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars lost in fines or opportunity.

When using DocuSmart Archive, information can be filed in many different ways. Some of our clients choose to file by index number, customer, date, supplier or even barcode whilst others switch on ‘SuperText’ making every word an indexed or searchable option.

DocuSmart Archive is more than just digital document storage, it’s efficiency, improved business continuity and the ability to make informed decisions faster.

The question is now when, rather than why implement this solution to help your employees and business. We think the time is now, contact us.