Aust & NZ
18th Dec 2015

When it comes to warranty management, the available software solutions will provide you the basic functionality to enter and process your everyday warranty claims. At Pentana Solutions, we decided to go a few steps further and develop a complete solution that will work with the uniqueness of your business.

Types of warranty management software

The average warranty management software has provided a means by which service centres can enter warranty claims, attach photos and deliver to you, a file that has to be approved buy your product experts. Basic, with some controls but plenty of scope for incorrect entry of information and pit falls that allow costly items to be approved and overlooked. This type of warranty management software is okay for those that only have basic requirements.

The Pentana Solutions warranty management software provides the speed, in-depth features, knowledge base transfer and the integration with its back-end to ensure that it automates the process of claims approval. It is a highly configurable platform that will work with the uniqueness of your business. Our software offers a user experience that is part of your company’s identity leaving your customers with a positive experience of a warranty process. The service centre technicians are controlled as to what is serviceable under warranty, what parts are relative to the repair and what cost and hourly rate are contracted and claimable. The control of subcontract or outsourced rework is controlled and charged correctly. Parts sold over the counter will attract a different cost when used for warranty work. The software then analyses the information and can be set up to automatically approve claims if they fall within parameters and guidelines, configured within its functionality. Those outside these parameters or those that meet predefined conditions move to an approval process. Depending on the purchase date, a part could be in or out of warranty where as other parts of the replaced assembly may still be under warranty.

We automate the transactions of inventory movements, payment approval, claims back to suppliers and analysis of the faulty components. Our extensive recalls management processes in use by the likes of Volkswagen, Subaru, Ferrari and many more.

The process diagram below is just a small insight into the overall warranty management software solution we provide.

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