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5th Oct 2021

Complimentary TOP GEAR Training!

Pentana Solutions’ consultants hold interactive webinar sessions for those wanting to learn more about their Pentana Solutions’ products & services.

To maximise learning, all sessions will run for approximately 30-45 minutes.

Updates to the webinar schedule will be made regularly, so please visit this page and register at your earliest convenience for the webinars of your choice.

Our Top Gear Webinars are presented by experts who will provide step-by-step approach to ensure our customers are able to get the most out of their Dealer Management System and other solutions.

Please note that recordings for all previous topics are available in your TopGear Library now! To download, login to our Customer Services Portal here. By joining these webinar sessions, you automatically consent to such recordings. If you do not consent to being recorded, discuss your concerns with the host.

Webinar Training Calendar - 2021

SMSLink - Friday, 12 Feb, 2.00pm AEDT (Presenter: Kathy White)

eraPower Best Diary Practice - Thurs, 11 March, 2.00pm AEDT (Presenter: Connie Maddox)

Openpay Integration - Wed, 7 Apr, 2.00pm AEST (Presenters: Eric Weitzman and Doug Omand)

How to Prepare for a Successful Stocktake - Thurs, 15 Apr, 2.00pm AEST (Presenter: Andrew Oakley)

End of Month/Year Processes Part 1 - Thurs, 17 June, 10.30am AEST (Presenter: Paula Priori)

End of Month/Year Processes Part 2 - Thurs, 17 June, 2.00pm AEST (Presenter: Paula Priori)

Rethink Cybersecurity with Sophos’ Intercept X - Tues, 27 July, 11.00am AEST (Presenter: Paul Stanbury & Damian Lupton)

Introducing Test Drive 2.0 - Tues, 10 Aug, 11.00am AEST (Presenter: Evan Turner)

DealerSocket Targeted Marketing - Thurs, 23 Sept, 11.30am AEST (Presenter: Tom Matters)

The Payment Revolution: Time to Accelerate - Thurs, 14 Oct, 11.30am AEDT (Presenters: Fady Daher, Till Payments & Raoul Kirsten, Pentana Solutions)

Protecting your Business against Cybercrime- Thurs, 21 Oct, 11.30am AEDT (Presenter: Damian Lupton)

To register, click here.

Further Assistance

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the TOP GEAR team here.