Aust & NZ
12th May 2016

The Pentana Solutions business prides itself on being an innovation leader transforming industry. This sentence is at the forefront of the organisation’s top level strategy, recruitment mantra and investment strategy. It’s this same brand identity that has given rise to the promotion of Sean Brown to the executive team.

Sean has a broad range of experience from his sixteen years of leadership roles in the technology space. It’s this career background that has helped him create the six tenants of his vision for Pentana Solutions’ innovations department.

The end goal for Sean Brown is very much centred on his most important asset – people. Sean says, ‘I want to create a culture and framework that encourages product innovation throughout the business’. Although his team is referred to as the innovations team he’s very much a believer that innovation is everyone’s business and it requires support from all areas. He adds, ‘Together I want to turn all those ideas and concepts into real world solutions that provide our customers with the best fit for their requirements now and for the future’. Secondarily, Sean makes it clear that work is never done, ‘we need to continue to develop and release features and functions into all of our solutions before our global competitors or be better than them’. The third tenant is really about Pentana Solutions’ customers, Sean makes it clear that all employees should listen and be proactive in engaging with customers to ensure our solutions will continue to meet their needs. Fourth on this CIO’s list is the research and development investment alignment with business goals and of course ensuring the innovations delivered return significant return on investment each year. The fifth tenant on his list is all about communication, Sean tells us, ‘the technology roadmap needs to be clear, concise and communicated to all internal and external stakeholders’. Contrary to many other people in his position Sean is very comfortable with being open with customers about the business’s plans and welcomes feedback from all. Last but not least Pentana Solutions’ newest Executive wants to innovate the way the business does their work! Sean says, ‘I want to increase our innovation capacity by introducing world leading processes, methods and activities. Not only will we work smarter but it’s this sort of change that attracts and maintains exceptional employees.’

Right now, it’s a very exciting time to work at Pentana Solutions, there is a buzz in the air that is certainly infectious.

We celebrate Sean’s appointment to the executive team and look forward to the continued development of industry changing innovations.