Aust & NZ
12th May 2016

The Pentana Solutions business continues to grow and diversify across the automotive, technology and distribution software space. The organisation prides itself on recruiting passionate and talented people and is known for promoting from within. The most recent move to appoint two new Executive level managers is certainly in line with this.

Stan Koulousias (previously the General Manager of Enterprise Solutions) has now been appointed to the position of Executive - Global Enterprise.

In this new appointment, Stan will be responsible for promoting and implementing the vision of the Distribution and Global Parts Solutions into new markets. Stan brings a wealth of knowledge to the business and has a unique perspective on the challenges and complexities of large-scale wholesale and retail environments. With a primary focus on the client’s growth and business needs, Stan balances a flexible approach to product application with a team of subject matter experts. Over time, he has yielded great results through fostering environments where change management and productivity have become a significant focus. In this new role, Stan will be determined to represent the needs of our global customers as they look to Pentana Solutions to provide thought leadership for all of their distribution and parts logistics requirements.

‘IT and technology realistically reduce the breadth of the global market and pressures us to embrace innovations to continuously improve’, says Stan. He also adds, ‘companies look for efficiencies and productivity gains without understanding how to get there. With this said, technology, in my eyes, is an enabler for business progress – it should not dictate how our clients run their business, that’s why I’m such a supporter of our modular approach to distribution solutions.’

We celebrate Stan’s new appointment and invite you to have a conversation with him personally.