Aust & NZ
5th Jun 2016

Pentana Solutions has a proud history of success and achievements. This history has been built by not only the founder, owners and executives of the business but the staff have been vital in creating the legacy that is Pentana Solutions. Today, with over 500 employees the business has built a brand that the automotive industry understands to be the market leader in providing software solutions to dealerships, distributors and those in similar markets. We are a global company with a head office in Melbourne, Australia, where most of our employees are located however our overseas offices continue to expand as we grow into these areas.

When looking for a new career, people go looking for a certain industry, in our industry many people call it a tight-knit family that has the possibility to build a great support network of like-minded professional and Pentana Solutions embraces this.

We actually promise our employees!

As our most valuable asset, it’s without question that we’re 100% committed to our staff members. On every occasion, we aspire to provide a mentally stimulating and engaging work environment which entices those in the business to explore their own personal capabilities. This challenging work environment allows us to provide the People Promise that is based on our core Principles, R.I.T.C.H. Standing for, Respect, Integrity, Trust, Communication and Honesty, these principles are highly regarded by not only our customer base but within the business. We offer our employees many groups, committees, events, awards and professional development programs through our Human Resource department to encourage improvement in their day to day roles.

It’s about being Innovative

If you were to read the Pentana Solutions Mission & Vision statement, you’ll see our vision for the automotive industry can be summed up in one word; Innovation. We strive to break barriers and develop for the future. Above all, provide our customers with tools that can change the world they work in. It’s this commitment from our Innovations team (we don’t have developers at Pentana Solutions we have innovators) which helps us deliver that latest cutting-edge technology, increasing the efficiency of day to day processes within our customer’s business.

Our company recognises that our staff is our greatest asset. Check out the video message below from our Chief Executive Officer, Steve Kloss as he describes how there’s a large amount of opportunity at Pentana Solutions.

We seek to employ those people who are passionate about joining a team, doing not only their role in a team but understand the big picture. It’s these people who show commitment and focus to not only their manager but more importantly our customer base, which has worked for Pentana Solutions and driven us to our current position where we are today.

If you’re looking for that next challenge, which will make a difference to not only your own personal career achievements along with having a great impact on the automotive industry as well, then you’re the perfect candidate and we would like to hear from you.