Aust & NZ
23rd Dec 2013

Attention Mercedes-Benz Dealers:

Pentana Solutions have been working with Mercedes-Benz Australia throughout 2012/2013 rolling out the Mercedes-Benz Service History Extract.

During this pilot period, Mercedes-Benz Australia funded the upfront installation, training and monthly support charge per dealer / per franchise across all Pentana Solutions dealers. Due to the successful pilot and rollout, Mercedes-Benz Australia will cease funding the monthly charge as of December 31st 2013.

Mercedes-Benz dealers are now required to fund the ongoing charges of $0 upfront and a small charge per month/per franchise.

There is no change required to the Mercedes-Benz dealers as setup and the weekly sending of service data will continue as normal.

To complete the necessary paperwork regarding the recent changes, please contact Danielle Marazli,