Aust & NZ
11th Jul 2016

Rewind to a business meeting where you noticed things going pear shaped very quickly, it’s eye-opening and motivates you to find something better. Fast forward to a successful change of process or procedure and there are high fives all round to join the massive sigh of relief knowing awkward first meetings are a thing of the past. We appreciate in the automotive industry that there’s no time for meetings without a positive outcome.

Pentana Solutions exists to transform business, taking an everyday process and increasing efficiency to make an impact on your business growth and revenue. By having a conversation with us you’ll notice dedication and passion towards aligning of operational processes to your own business goals.

Continue beyond the conversation small talk and you’ll notice the real Pentana Solutions behind all the closed doors.


In actual fact, we don’t have closed doors and welcome our customers and clients to come visit any of our offices for a behind the scenes look at our day to day operations. In addition to all the things you will learn on the tour, we can also share the details of our internal mentoring programs and recognition of excellence for all offices around the globe, promoting an environment where the team comes first however individuals are still recognised. It’s through this culture that we keep our employees focused and engaged with the tasks at hand allowing consistent innovation on a daily basis, pushing your business to greater heights.

Business Understanding

Whilst many think that taking on new customers is a case of one size fits all, with over 42 years of experience, we’ve worked with many businesses, organisations and companies that come in all shapes and sizes. It’s through this experience we’ve seen a wide variety of business running in quite some unique ways and watching their progress through the implementation of a proven solution is quite rewarding.

Nobody wants to come second!

To be the best, you need to associate with the best and if you’re looking to gain the competitive advantage then a great place to start is with a solution to streamline business process. In our opinion, avoiding second place comes down to working with someone who is at the forefront of the industry. Being one of the few long-serving solutions providers to the automotive industry, other companies in the industry don’t compare when it comes to expertise.

Moving Forward

Improving productivity and efficiency, maximising current systems in place to their full potential can have a significant impact on your revenue. No matter how big of a challenge you may think you have in place, we’d like to partner with you and take your business to the next level.

Let’s have the conversation where we can discuss any hurdles in your business’s strategic path and remove them for good. The daily struggles or monster projects coming up, we are here ready for you to reach out. Through opening the doors for a conversation you’re making a smart decision to ensure the blinkers haven’t been stopping you from viewing greener pastures. So, let’s sit down and have a real conversation.

Contact us to begin the partnership.