Aust & NZ
26th Mar 2015

What are your customers doing during TV adverts tonight? Statistics show they would be booking time with you.

What is Online Service Bookings?

Online Service Bookings is the only way to make your service department available to your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s a fully integrated webpage, that sits on your dealership website - allowing customers to book their service appointments online. By simply entering their registration and kilometres, customers quickly sign up for a time spot that best suits the both of you (because only available time slots are shown).

In the back end, you’ll see an actual appointment show up straight away in eraPower’s service diary. Appointments are integrated with op codes in real-time, eliminating the need for manual keying. Confirmation emails are also sent to both the dealer and customer as soon as an appointment has been booked for added verification.

Throughout the booking process, the opportunity to promote service department specials is easier than ever. Safety checks and campaigns are promoted to the customer as they walk through the steps; they’re even prompted to book their recommended service, based on kilometres and vehicle age, so opportunities for maximum spend never go unmissed.

In addition to increasing spend, Online Service Bookings increase the likelihood that customers will book again. Customers hold their own account on the dealer website, making repeat bookings a breeze. In addition, they can view their vehicle, book a service, view service history and previous invoice details without the need to phone the dealership - saving time for staff and customers alike.

Pentana Solutions’ dealers who are already running the Online Service Booking solution have seen a glaring trend in the times customers are choosing to use the service. Most customers are choosing to book their cars in for service either before they start work, around lunchtime, or most commonly - after 5 o’clock. Customers are taking advantage of the convenience of OSB and booking service appointments when it’s the best time for them - unfortunately not while your service staff are still at work.

The latest trending data reinforces the success and design behind why online service bookings was created in the first place - ease, simplicity, and convenience.

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