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12th Jun 2014

There’s a rapidly growing trend at dealerships to increase parts profitability by selling unused parts online. This trend has been growing for some time now in foreign markets – particularly the United States and Western Europe – and is currently making waves in the Asia Pacific region as well. Dealers are finding that the online market is proving to be one of the fastest and most profitable avenues for selling inventory. Whether through eBay, Gumtree, Amazon or other – many dealers are using third party websites to upload pictures of their stock and sell to the World Wide Web.

However, the process of selling automotive parts online can be a manual, time-consuming process that leaves room for error, manual invoicing, inventory mix-up and monotonous keying into the DMS. Thanks to cutting-edge innovation, that’s all about to change.

Introducing Handle.

Introducing Handle.

Handle is an integrator tool that is capable of seamlessly connecting dealerships to multiple websites, with eBay being the first in a series, through high level integration and user friendly interfaces. The integration of data is all done behind the scenes - saving you the hassle of it all. Basically, all transactions done on any number of these websites are recorded and acted on automatically through your dealer management system.

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Dealers today can pump inventory onto the web for public consumption – let’s use eBay for example – and when someone purchases a stock item from your eBay account, Handle handles the rest of the transaction through the ERP. It’s designed to automate and complete a web sales order – from the ordering point to the warehouse picking/packing/shipping and finishing through the invoice payment. There’s no longer a need for parts staff to manually key in invoices or reconcile inventory between the various systems. Handle handles it.

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What does the process look like? Handle pushes the ordering information from eBay through to your DMS. The DMS processes the order and picking slip; once complete, it sends confirmation back to Handle. Through Handle you’re able to view the entire ordering process including invoice and customer details. Handle can process thousands of different orders at various dealership sites – saving you confusion, lengthy processing and time. You’re able to process online sales faster, easier and more accurately – putting money in your pocket faster.

If you’re already in the business of selling parts online – Handle is a no brainer. You can arrive at the dealership in the morning, view orders that came in overnight, and act on them straight away in the warehouse. As simple as that; no more reconciling, drafting invoices or duplicating entries.

If you’re new to selling parts online and would like to learn more – please contact us today. We have a variety of options to increase parts profitability and we can sit down to discuss which option is best for you.