Aust & NZ
18th Feb 2014

Ask your Manufacturers, Receive more Integration.

Pentana Solutions Audi Parts ReceiptingAudi proved one thing true - if you want something created, ask your manufacturers. Audi dealers in Australia did, and now they have the ability to import electronic parts invoices through Electronic Parts Receipting in ERAnet. Pentana Solutions worked with Audi Australia to bring about the request, removing the need for dealerships to manually input parts receipt information.

What does this mean for Audi dealerships in Australia? Rather than manually entering, double-keying with or without mistakes, pages and pages of parts stock - the parts receipting is done electronically. Through ERAnet, Audi dealerships can request an import of available parts invoices. Any new invoices since the last connection will automatically import to the dealer management system. If there aren’t any, the screen will tell you so. Simple and fast.

Now that Audi dealerships in Australia have implemented the parts receipting changes, parts receipting is no longer a time-consuming error-laden process. After importing the data, they can review receipt transactions and proceed to run and print a pre-receipt report. The report will highlight any warnings for issues such as invalid part numbers, unknown purchase order numbers, superseding parts and zero invoice prices. The report will list the Quantity Ordered, Quantity Back-Ordered and Quantity Received. As well as The Received Cost, Current Cost, Cost Difference and Extended Cost Difference. From there you can go on to print labels for the unpacking of cases.

Drilling down further, there is an option to display a list of all un-receipted case numbers with their respective invoice dates. This option allows you to highlight any cases that should have already been receipted based on their age. Or take advantage of the optional ‘arriving cases’ step. It sets arrived quantity and case details against the purchase order lines for the receipt. And enjoy the ‘split case’ option - allowing a selection of parts and quantities to be split from the original case for users who do not want to receipt a case in its entirety. Whatever makes your life easier, saving time and mistakes, take advantage of it through Pentana Solutions’ electronic parts receipting.

Integration is the key that drives Pentana Solutions’ success. 40 years of heritage and an extensive amount of resources put into development allows Pentana Solutions to create the simplest, most helpful efficiences for dealerships. All you have to do is ask. We live for making things easier, faster and more profitable for dealerships - and we’re always looking for new innovations. Ask for what you need today - we’ll be waiting by the phone.

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