Aust & NZ
30th Apr 2014

Audi Australia makes the decision to approve one of Pentana Solutions’ stunning new CRM solutions – DealerSocket.

Pentana Solutions a leading communications and information technology company that specialises in the development of software solutions and services for the global automotive and associated industries. Utilising the latest technology, Pentana Solutions provides an innovative range of solutions and services that help our clients to achieve peak performance levels in their businesses. We are delighted that Audi Australia has approved of their dealers using Pentana Solutions DealerSocket CRM to improve dealer process and customer management. Audi Australia will be closely working with Pentana Solutions to ensure dealers are provided with all central leads and electronic marketing material sent to the relevant dealers. Top line data will be available to assist Audi Australia in identifying any areas of improvement in the customer management process.
The DealerSocket CRM solution enables dealerships to increase revenue from sales and service, improve CSI and boost gross profit—all while saving them time and reducing their advertising expenses. The DealerSocket CRM solution is one solution for all the dealership’s departments, that produces results seen every month through increased sales, better service, higher gross and improved customer satisfaction.

Key facts of DealerSocket include:

  • Single view of a customer
  • Intuitive, easy to use
  • 2,500 roof tops globally
  • Not only a product but CRM partnership that regularly consult to the dealership
  • Inbuilt sales management process designed to create a culture of accountability

Steve Kloss, CEO, Pentana Solutions said,
“Pentana Solutions is delighted that Audi Australia has selected to approve our DealerSocket CRM solution. This is a major recognition for the DealerSocket product, our people and our Company”.

Six Audi dealers have already selected the DealerSocket CRM solution to drive their CRM future direction. Pentana Solutions looks forward to sharing with the Audi Australia team how DealerSocket will deliver CRM for your dealership.