Aust & NZ
18th Feb 2022

Thinking about starting a blog for your dealership but don’t know what to write about? While blogging is a fantastic way to expand your reach organically, churning out low-quality posts with little substance could instead make your dealership appear unprofessional. The adage, “content is king”, remains true to this day, and the importance of producing engaging, high-quality content must not be overlooked.

To help you showcase your experience and strengthen your brand image, here are some topics your dealership can write about:

1. What to know before buying a car

A car is usually the second biggest purchase the average person will make in their lifetime. Understandably, this buying process will involve an extensive amount of thought, consideration, and even doubt. From choosing the right car, to getting the best price and financing options, the modern customer is riddled with choices, both good and bad. As an industry insider, helping them cut through the noise with valuable advice and insights would raise your position as a trusted figure.

2. Simple car maintenance tips

Once a customer purchases a car, the next thing they should know is how to look after it. These posts should be crafted in a way that is simple enough for anyone to appreciate, particularly those with little or no mechanical knowledge. As this is a great way to raise business for your service center, instead of writing about how to change oil or spark plugs, your focus should primarily revolve around easy-to-follow maintenance tips such as the importance of having the right tyre pressure, ensuring appropriate fluid levels, and why they should never miss an oil change.

3. Preparing a car for trade-in

Most car owners who are thinking about buying a new car will often start by trying to sell or trade-in their existing one. Equipping your customers with tips and tricks on preparing their car for trade-in not only builds confidence in your dealership, it’s also a fantastic way to get your name in front of them, building awareness of your brand in the early stages of the buying process.

4. Meet the staff

Putting a face to your dealership does wonders in building trust. Not only will it make your dealership come across more friendly and approachable; it also greatly improves how marketing messages are received. You can segment these blog posts by person, department, or choose to put everything down in one post. Whichever way you go, be sure to share some fun facts about your dealership or staff members to make your blog posts even more engaging.

5. Local topics of interest

Discussing topics of local interest is a sure-fire way to establish your dealership’s name among local community members. Have a local car show coming up? Getting involved in helping the community? Don’t underestimate the impact of such blog posts, especially when supported by promoted social posts. Consider delegating one of your staff members to take plenty of quality photos of such events to add to your blog.

Now that you have some ideas on what to write on your blog, here’s 5 Steps to a More Profitable Service Department.