Aust & NZ
9th Jun 2016

Having recently spent time with the Virgin Unite team and the ‘Igniting Change’ movement, I was reminded about the power of good people doing good things for others. The power of business and its ability to positivity impact the community was a standout message for how social change can happen.

A business has a role to play both with its immediate team members and customers as well as the community. Most businesses have the potential to generate funds to contribute to a better community.

There were a few things I took away from being exposed to this inspiring environment:

1. Knowledge is powerful. Being educated on the current social and environmental issues is the first step in delivering change.

2. Resolving these issues should be an enjoyable process. Too many people see being involved in these changes as a chore, where I now believe finding something you are passionate about and positively working in this space should be a joyous outcome

3. This is not the domain of a few people with a social conscious; it needs to resonate across a broader community which embraces business and its capitalistic motives. Business is not a bad fit for delivering social change, in fact, it is the engine room that continues to provide the duel for change.

At Pentana Solutions, we have our own R.I.T.C.H. Foundation that has benefited over 120 causes. One of the key sentiments of this foundation is our employees that contribute to the cause need to tangibly see the outcome of the funds raised. Each fundraising event we hold, every participant has the opportunity to nominate a local community-based charity. If this organisation is drawn they get the satisfying experience of calling the organisation and telling them they have a contribution to their good cause. That person then physically visits the organisation, has a photo taken, and the incredibly positive experience that this creates is good for everybody involved.

This is a shout out to all the good people out there, continue to do good things and feel good about it!

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