Aust & NZ
6th Nov 2013

Pentana Solutions is proud to announce the continuing success of the automotive parts exchange, PareX, in the UK market. Saab Automobile Parts UK has now signed up all its Service Centres to the PareX service.

Saab Automobile Parts UK is the national distributor of Saab original parts and provides aftersales care for the 200,000 Saabs across the country via a national network of 80 authorised repairers.

The PareX automotive parts exchange provides a platform for inter-dealer trading nationally and internationally; allowing participating dealers a greater opportunity for sourcing and selling hard to find original Saab parts and accessories.

PareX has been in service since 2000, supporting in excess of 6000 franchised dealers throughout the World.

It is predicted that using PareX will deliver major benefits for the Saab Parts Service Centres in forming a national parts locator, optimising availability and improving overall sales and stock turn. PareX enables dealers to quickly and easily locate and buy stock, improving customer satisfaction by minimising time ‘off road’, and helping to keep the many much-loved Saabs in Britain running for the foreseeable future.

For more information regarding PareX contact us.