Aust & NZ
16th Jun 2016

With service departments focusing more on customer retention, changing the customer experience is important in making your name stand out from the rest. The screenshot below is a great way to allow your customers to make a service booking for a vehicle at a time convenient for them.

How does the process work from a customer side of things? We’ve made a video to show the booking process. It’s real easy!

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Online Service Booking is a fully integrated web page that sits on your own dealership website – allowing your customers to book their appointments online. After you embed the Online Service Booking Form on your website, which in itself is a very easy process, you’re opening the doors of communication to those people who might not necessarily enjoy talking on the phone. You may say that this is only a small amount of people, however, it is better you have this group than your competitor, right?

A customer looking to book the service will choose the type of service with the option of leaving additional instructions that need attention.

Through your website, your customers can create an account, allowing them to view their vehicle details, book a service, view service history, and previous invoice details – all in real time. This not only is great for the customer to have access to all information about their vehicle with the click of a few buttons, however, it also reduces the amount of calls to your dealership which might not necessarily bring in any value.

For further simplicity, synchronised operation codes and pricing are fed directly from ERAnet or eraPower, meaning there is no need to double key entries. A booking is made in real time, based on selected booking availability. Dealers are even able to setup recommended services for their customers when the booking is created.

The public can now access your booking calendar for service appointments, at any time, finding a time not only suitable for them but suitable for you also!

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