Aust & NZ
19th May 2014

Reach your Customers now.

40% of emails received are actually open and read.* However, 90% of SMS’s sent and received are opened - making them the ideal channel to contact customers. Have you ever gotten an appointment reminder sent straight to your phone, asking you to confirm the appointment or just to simply remind you? Afford your customers the same luxury with easy to schedule text messages through ERAnet.

Remind your customers of End of Financial Year offers, service appointments or send a simple customer appreciation text all through your DMS. Below we make it easy for you to follow just three steps and reach your customers instantly.

1. Create your message using Option 1 in 6943.

Step One Step One

2. Decide who you want to send the message to by selecting the criteria in Reportwriter and adding the fields.

  • Consider who is more likely to purchase, purchased 2-5 years ago
  • Live in your PMA
  • Have already been sent a letter or email
  • Are happy to receive messages from you

Use the speCs option to input the required fields specific to SMS - field 17, 18 and 19.

Step Two
Step Two

3. Select Output to review your selection of customers and message, confirm sending of SMS.

Step Three
Step Three

* Neustar, 2012,