Aust & NZ
20th Jun 2016

Many dealerships and dealer groups still rely on manual paper-based systems to manage their trade appraisal and intake process. Vehicles being described incorrectly, including inaccurate damage or missing parts such as keys, can be one of the biggest costs to a dealership, producing incorrect valuations and subsequent losses.

The use of technology can help improve the efficiency of the appraisal process, and ensure it is managed in a transparent, accurate, and consistent way.

There are many different apps and systems that are available. Here are the main aspects to consider when evaluating a system to manage your appraisals.

A rich database

The ability to electronically enter vehicle information from an appraisal into a database ensures that information is not lost in an office or a desk and a full history is available whenever it is required. This allows analysis of not only the trade appraisals that have been won but also the appraisals that have been lost.

In addition to this, the appraisal system should be able to seamlessly integrate with your Dealer Management System (DMS) to ensure consistency and common accessibility of data. That integration will assist in streamlining processes and systems which in turn help provide greater transparency over everything.


By providing a platform for appraisals to be entered on a mobile device and then uploaded to your DMS, you ensure all information makes it to its destination. It also improves the accuracy of the data as it is entered first-hand, in real time, not second or even third-hand.

The appraisal system should enforce consistency in how key vehicle information is captured as well as ensuring simple checks are completed, like the number of keys, service books, and special features.

Being able to show, on a mobile device, the appraisal details to a customer in a slick and coherent way, helps the customer to feel informed of the process and confident about the valuation they receive.

Capturing vehicle photos and videos

A great feature that can assist in saving dealerships a lot of money is photo and video capability. This is the ability to not only take photos and videos on site, but also to store this alongside other corresponding vehicle information.

Photos and videos help valuation staff make a more informed valuation decision especially if they are not at the same location where the appraisal is being completed.

Rounding out the process

The benefits of an electronic trade appraisal process don’t stop there. Dealerships should also be able to complete an intake inspection when they receive the vehicle from the customer.

This will pull all the trade appraisal information, ensuring items like the number of keys, service books, the odometer, vehicle condition, and specific features like alloy wheels, are consistent with the information collected at the time of the original appraisal.

Technology can protect your reputation

Paper-based processes are a thing of the past and increasingly pose a risk to your hard earned reputation. To keep up with the competition while improving efficiencies and cost-savings within your dealership, you need to be considering a move to a software solution that works for your company, while displaying some of the critical features such as electronic data, mobility and photo and video capability.

Netresult Mobility’s AutoCheck application is a sophisticated vehicle inspection solution that allows an organisation to build vehicle specific workflow processes and present them on a smartphone or tablet.

The process is integrated with ERAnet providing a streamlined process where appraisal information is automatically pushed through to the trade appraisal screen, removing the manual rekeying of this information. This efficient process allows the dealership to focus on the big picture, without worrying about their appraisals process.

To find out more about AutoCheck, visit the website here.