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13th Jun 2014

DocuSmart 2.0 is here.

If you’re not already familiar with the DocuSmart suite of products, they are essential to streamlining your accounts department, eliminating paper and reducing storage areas. By automating your office processes and workflows, the entire business runs more efficiently and more profitably. More proof, here.

And the best part about DocuSmart is that it’s fully integrated to your DMS - meaning accurate information is transferred and updated through area of your business - in real-time.

We’ve made exciting changes within DocuSmart to make things easier, simpler and faster for the end user. Along with user interface changes, here’s a sneak peak of some of the key functionality changes.

Starting with DocuSmart Payables.
Starting with DocuSmart Payables.

Distribution Templates

In response to request from a number of our users we have introduced GL distribution templates. This allows users to create and maintain numerous templates to automatically disburse an invoice to multiple General Ledger accounts based on a percentage of the invoice total. This will eliminate the need for spreadsheet based allocations that then need to be manually keyed into disbursements.

Checked Posted Purchase Orders

Where data is on file in DocuSmart Payables, purchase orders and invoices will be checked at the time of verification to highlight where a document has already been used. This will help to prevent any double handling by verifiers and approvers when processing invoices that may in turn be rejected by ERA where duplicate details already exist.

Vendor Notes

Notes that have been entered against vendors via Vendor Maintenance are now displayed automatically in DocuSmart Payables when allocating invoices, to ensure Accounts Payable staff are aware of any special instructions or requirements for this supplier.

Original Purchase Order Details

PO Total Inc Tax has now been added to the disbursements screen, giving both Verifiers and Approvers easy visibility of PO Number, PO Raised By and PO Total information without the need to go back to ERA to check these details.

Onto DocuSmart Archive.
Onto DocuSmart Archive.

Archive Assistant

Archive Assistant allows simple, customisable indexing of any document from any source. Whether emailed, scanned or saved files are being archived they can readily be indexed based on simple searches and configured drop down options. Archive Assistant can be used to index and archive documents of any type whether it be Emails, PDFs, Word Docs, Excel Spreadsheets, .txt files, etc.


Available in conjunction with Archive Assistant, LightBox allows you to capture one or multiple source PDFs and re-structure these into a single PDF document for archiving. Selecting only the required pages and re-ordering them as necessary gives you the ability to archive only the information required rather than archiving several separate documents to search through.

LightBox also delivers the benefit of digital separation of scanned documents, rather than having to physically separate and scan individual pages, documents can be scanned as one batch and then separated via this easy to use application.


Barcode Recognition

Barcode Recognition has been upgraded to further enhance the speed and reliability of this critical area of DocuSmart Archive.

ERA based reporting

For archive users looking for more advanced reporting, archive data can now be captured into ERA to allow ReportWriter based reporting on scanned documents. This allows users to have customisable scanning reports and allows the creation of exception reports tailored to customer needs such as:

  • Reporting for any given date range
  • Excluding Void documents
  • Reporting on finalised deals only
  • Reporting by specific makes
  • Reporting by selected locations
One more sneak peak.
One more sneak peak.

HTML Option
Within DocuSmart Output, the option is now available to configure output in HTML format where required.

These are just a few of the new benefits of the DocuSmart 2.0 release. For more information about anything you’ve read, please contact us here.