Aust & NZ
9th Aug 2011

We are extremely excited to announce the acquisition of Wilkinson Electronic Document Solutions. Pentana Solutions became aware of the Wilkinson business through our acquisition of IDS as Wilkinson provide the print, fax and email functionality to our distribution solutions: Enterprise and DistributorPRO.

Murray Wilkinson founded the business over 41 years ago. Between Murray Wilkinson and his son Fraser Wilkinson, they have built up a successful business with customers and resellers of their products spanning into 21 different countries such as Australia, Japan, South Africa, Spain, and India.
Currently only 12% of the Wilkinson business is automotive. The WilComm software is widely used across an array of distribution companies which will open the door for our IDS distribution business to expand into new verticals. This is obviously an extremely exciting scenario and opportunity for our business.

As with our previous acquisitions we will have a period of bedding in and understanding of our new business however it is our intent to continue to run LSF Solutions as the market leading Electronic Document Management (EDM) business in the automotive sector, and to run the Wilkinson business in non-automotive and new business markets. The acquisition brings; over 400 new customers to the Pentana Solutions family, 12 new countries where Pentana Solutions now have a presence, non-automotive verticals and an exciting reseller network around the world.

Much has changed from ERP systems printing a document and manual filing. Today the need for an integrated electronic filing system is essential allowing you to store and easily retrieve documents, digital output and multimedia directly through your operating system. Pentana Solutions now has a
Global EDM division that services the needs of automotive across all channels of retail and distribution. This capability ensures the complete document management functions of a business are handled by a single source with deep experience.

Pentana Solutions is a diversified solutions provider to the automotive industry throughout the world. Combining solutions and services, our focus is to increase the profitability of our customers, by transforming the automotive distribution channel, increasing efficiency through interfaces and improving profitability.

Our array of products and services are used by over 75,000 people daily – from the general public, retail car dealerships, the panel repair industry, car, truck, heavy equipment, agriculture and marine franchises and a wide spectrum of industry associates.

Our people are sharp, dedicated and absolutely committed to achieving exceptional service. Pentana Solutions is a Company with a proud history and a confident future.