What is Tandem Training?


Tandem Training is a new initiative from the Pentana Solutions Training Department.  We have listened to our clients who have told us:

  •  it is too far to travel to major cities
  • they need specific training in selected areas of the ERP solution
  • they want one-on-one training in a price effective format. 

Tandem Training meets all these needs


Our specialist Tandem Training instructors call the customer at a specified time to conduct training one-on-one via the telephone with access to their ERA system via DealerLink.  Catering to the needs of the student, direct questions are answered and examples are worked through without the student even leaving the dealership.  All this is done on the dealership's own data!


During a tandem training session your employee is linked by phone with an expert Pentana Solutions instructor who teaches them step by step.   However, what sets tandem training apart is the live, interactive computer link between the training and your employee.  The trainer's computer runs in tandem with the student's system,so they both see exactly what the other is doing on screen whilst they talk. Each student trains on your dealership's actual data, where they solve real-world problems, with a Pentana Solutions training expert as their coach and safety net.


Tandem training is flexible.  Our training department can help you choose the amount and type of training that is best for your dealership, so you don't pay for training you don't need.  Our instructors can customise the material that is presented,depending on your goals for your dealership.


Benefits to the Dealership:


1.      One-on-one attention

2.      Learn efficiently, act immediately

3.      Specialised training designed for the skill level of the employee

4.      Your data your setups your needs

5.      Your staff are not out of the dealership for an entire day

6.      Virtually no dealership disruption

7.      No off-site staff travel expenses

8.      No waiting for the next scheduled training course

9.      Tandem training scheduling is flexible

10.  Immediate needs are identified and addressed

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