Executive enables you to manage your business where you want to and when you want to by providing you key information about your business to base your decisions on. Whether you require current, trended, financial, or operating information about your business - Executive is the business application for you.

Quick and Easy to Use:

With Executive you simply point your mouse and click to access one of more than one hundred standard ‘snapshots’ of your business. Within five minutes of training you will easily understand how to navigate through the system. Within thirty minutes you will have a greater understanding of each department of your business.

Information when you want it:

No longer do you have to wait until the end of the month after spreadsheets have been built or reports created to learn critical information about your business. Information is available when you want it. If it exists in your ERP - it is available in Executive.

Make decisions based on the information Executive delivers:

With Executive you simply double-click your area of interest on the computer screen to scrutinize the information in greater detail. No longer do you ask ‘How come our sales gross is low this month?’, you now ask ‘Why was the gross on this vehicle so low?’. Executive enables you to make critical business decisions such as your new and used vehicle stock mix based upon fact. After all - if stocking the right vehicles means more sales out of stock, then more profit will be realised.

Information with Substance
Application with Knowledge
Management with Vision 
The Advantage of Executive!

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