Pentana Solutions' ERAnet is a terrific 'point and click' solution wrapped in a web browser that delivers functionality and ease of use in one application.

With ERAnet you can:

Produce tailored management and financial reports.

Sell more accessories, reduce stamp duty errors and maximise profit.

Use one single database to house all your customer information.

Enjoy seamless integration between every department in your dealership.

Benefit from real time, electronic parts trading (CLERA) that will provide tremendous efficiencies within your dealership.

Connect to the largest private network of franchises, other dealerships and trading partners for the automotive industry (DealerLink).

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Top Ten Features of ERAnet

1.       The depth and functionality of ERAnet is unrivaled. The ERAnet solution is the most feature rich solution on the  global market.

2.       The power of ERAnet is wrapped in a web browser and delivers functionality and ease of use in one application.

3.       Detailed management reports are available in ERAnet. There is limitless financial reporting that can be tailored to meet your every need. The depth of ERAnet enables that a lot of information is captured, which in turn means that great reports can be generated. Our ReportWriter tool ensures you can report on anything that has been entered into the system.

4.       One single database. Throw away all the third party databases your dealership uses. Your single database houses all your customer information, so that your CRM tools gather information that is the key to your dealership's success - your database.

5.       A state-of-the-art fully integrated Showroom solution helps your team sell more vehicles through the CRM diary system available in ERAnet Showroom. You don't need a third party tool to do this the ERAnet Showroom diary is a great CRM solution in today's marketplace. Sell more accessories, reduce stamp duty errors and maximise your profit generating opportunities through ERAnet Showroom.

6.       ERAnet is completed integrated between every department in the dealership. Information entered in your Service department is seamlessly integrated to the accounting department, parts department and in fact, all departments in the dealership.

7.       Fully franchised integrated. Our franchise team works exclusively with the franchises to ensure the highest level of seamless integration.

8.       The largest private network for the automotive industry in the Asia Pacific region provides connectivity to franchises, other dealerships and your trading partners. This network is called DealerLink.

9.       Through the DealerLink network, real time parts trading can occur between dealers. This is called CLERA. No need to have your parts team phone another parts team to locate a part CLERA is electronic trading and provides tremendous efficiencies within your dealership.

10.   Contact to arrange a time to meet with our Enterprise Resource Planning Systems sales consultant to learn more about the benefits ERAnet delivers to your dealership.