DealerPRO is an industry leading product that provides leading edge efficiencies for the automotive, truck and agricultural industries.

The DealerPRO Help Desk provides phone, fax and internet based incident reporting systems for the DealerPRO customer base of almost 450 franchise points. Approximately 4,000 people work with the DealerPRO solution everyday.

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Features of DealerPRO

1.      DealerPRO is easy to use. Its Windows functionality, point and click, drop down menus, and familiar interface make is a very easy solution to use.

2.      Just like using the web DealerPRO has a 'Favourites' menu which can be individually personalised to each PC. Add your most commonly used tasks to one menu removing the need to go looking for jobs in separate menus

3.      DealerPRO offers a great power search function which delivers the ability to group and sort data on the fly. See data exactly as you want it, not necessarily as its generated by the computer

4.      ReportWriter is a great tool in DealerPRO. ReportWriter enables you to get the information you want when you want it!

5.      The DealerPRO Advanced Print Solution means no more pre-printed stationery. Forms can be customised to suit your individual dealership's requirements

6.      Point of Sale system this simple and easy to use function is integrated with Barcode scanners. Less mistakes and faster sales!

7.       Create your own barcodes easily via the Integrated barcode tool. No factory bar codes? No problem you can print your own.

8.       There is no need to create and manage data sets Service Operation Codes and Vehicle Accessory Codes are available in DealerPRO. Why maintain the data when we can do it for you?

9.  Contact to arrange a time to meet with a DealerPRO sales consultant to learn more about how to make DealerPRO your Enterprise Resource Planning System today.