The AutoLedgers Enterprise Resource Planning product is an easy to use 'Software as a Service' system, suited to both small and larger dealerships. AutoLedgers streamlines dealership processes, delivers comprehensive management reporting and reports on real time Key Performance Indicator activity.

AutoLedgers Help Desk provides phone, fax and internet based support for the entire AutoLedgers ERP product. Approximately 1,500 people use AutoLedgers every day.

Top Ten Benefits of AutoLedgers

1.      The AutoLedgers (ERP) Enterprise Resource Planning System is a 'Software as a Service' Application delivery model where the server is housed at a fully managed data centre, and your businesses accesses the data real-time. There is no capital outlay for hardware when you purchase a 'SaaS' Enterprise Resource Planning System. We upgrade the hardware you don't wear the cost!

2.      AutoLedgers delivers comprehensive management reporting. From free form reports to hard coded system reports. AutoLedgers reports on real-time KPI (Key Performance Indicator) activity.

3.      This solution is easy to use the choice is yours with mouse or keyboard functionality, shortcuts, user defined favourites and Help functions which help all users with their daily tasks.

4.      Create Dealership processes are streamlined:  Concise labour efficiencies through the vehicle showroom and accounting modules  Powerful parts capabilities delivering and comprehensive service module electronic parts trading via CLERA.

5.      AutoLedgers suits both large and small dealerships. It is scaleable and caters for single company, single franchise dealerships to multi company many franchise businesses. This solution will meet all requirements.

6.       Robust, stable and secure VMS platform, which operates with a Windows environment.

7.       A common suite of codes using Manufacturer data  Scheduled Service facilitates transparency and consistency between departments.  Common Repair Codes New Vehicle Accessory Codes Operation Codes.

8.       Up to 15 tasks are achievable on one single licence.

9.       Accurate vehicle identification through VIN and Registration lookup using Manufacturer's data.

10.   Contact to arrange a time to meet with our Enterprise Resource Planning System sales consultant to learn more about running a Software as a Service Solution in your dealership today.