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DealerSocket CRM that will help you increase revenue from sales and service, improve CSI and boost gross profit—all while saving you time and reducing your advertising expenses. Finally, one solution for all of your dealership's departments. One solution that produces results that you'll see every month through increased sales, better service, higher gross and improved customer satisfaction.


DealerSocket provides quick and effective communication with your customer and prospects.

It all starts with people. With DealerSocket, you now have a simple-to-use tool that allows you to quickly and efficiently communicate with all of your prospects and customers at the right time with the right, targeted message. Now you can build your database to target prospects and return customers easily and more efficiently—reducing marketing expenses



DealerSocket effectively manages your leads and ensures they are closed efficiently.

Once you have customers engaged, now you can enhance the customer experience. DealerSocket allows you to effectively manage phone calls, Internet and showroom activity to continually improve your dealership's sales process—sell more units.



DealerSocket retains and expands your customer base, increasing revenue and profit.

With people connected to vehicles, you can now easily retain and expand your customer base in service and continue to profit from these relationships long after the initial sale is made.


DealerSocket solicits captures and manages feedback at every point in the sales process.


Satisfied customers buy more, service more and refer more business to you. DealerSocket helps you automatically solicit, capture and manage feedback at every point in the sales and service process. It flags and escalates problems immediately so you can quickly and easily fix issues and improve customer satisfaction.