Employer of Choice

At Pentana Solutions, we work hard to be the type of business where everyone wants to work. We know that in today's competitive marketplace, you have many options. That's why we offer attractive incentives and a respectful work environment that fosters and rewards excellence.

Working at Pentana Solutions

Our Values

R.I.T.C.H Principles are the backbone of our Company, and we strive to ensure our business reflects these principles daily.








We uphold these principles in all dealings with employees, customers, suppliers and associates.

Respectful Workplace

We are committed to maintaining an environment that encourages creative thinking, open communication and the ability to get things done. We provide a motivated work environment that enables employees to perform at their best.

Awards and Recognition

We are a proud Company with a wonderful history and great customers. We have developed a program that acknowledges those who go that extra mile to ensure that our customers are satisfied daily. Its purpose is to support and credit individual accomplishments and encourage achievement.

The Quarterly Excellence Award is presented to the staff member in our organisation who has gone above and beyond the call of duty in their daily activities. Our Annual Key Club Awards Night recognises and honours employees who have demonstrated excellence in a variety of areas including customer service, innovation and sustained performance. We also show our appreciation to staff by formally recognising the dedication and loyalty of long-serving employees. Some of our awards include; The Ace Award, Rookie of the Year and the Rising Star Award.

Together with our team of well connected professionals we deliver solutions that work. We invite you to join us for opportunities that will stretch your potential and diversity that will excite you.

Big Day in Festival

The annual Big Day In Festival is held at our Melbourne Office. A signature feature of the two day event is the Party in the Car Park, which helps to promote camaraderie and team spirit. The Big Day In Festival gives all staff members the opportunity to share and learn new ways to improve our business and the service we provide to customers.

Pentana Solutions Family Picnic

Our annual Family Christmas Picnic is celebrated in all our regions and brings together all members of the Pentana Solutions family, and their families to reflect on our year and celebrate the festive period together.

Diversity of Career Paths

We offer a diversity of career paths, with over 370 team members working to deliver innovative technology and communications solutions in technical support centres and in field consulting teams. There are many opportunities to grow personally and professionally, demonstrated by the fact that almost 80% of our Management team are promoted from within.

Opportunities also exist for employees to travel both nationally and internationally.

Continuous Improvement

Continued learning is an opportunity for staff to gain new knowledge and skills, for enrichment, preparation to meet future organisational needs and to ensure that we meet our corporate goals. We recognise the future growth of our business is in the hands of our people:

  • Our Sales Academy educational program teaches our vibrant sales force the skills needed to help our Company to go from good to great and achieve its goals in the fastest possible time.
  • Our Future Stars program is designed to develop leaders that can drive our business and serve our customers into the future.
  • Our fortnightly management training delivers excellent workshops on a range of topics that contribute to the ongoing success of our management team.

Outside the Office

Throughout the year, our Social Team organises several events for employees and their families. The Team constantly plans new events to keep our Social Calendar active. They have organised Jazz Nights, Go Karting, Wine Tasting Tours and many other great events.