About Pentana Solutions

Our Company

A global company with its corporate headquarters in Melbourne, Australia was established in 1974 to specialise in the supply and development of automotive computer systems tailored to the needs of dealerships.

Our leadership position is based on vast industry experience, technological knowledge and several years of continual product development. We are confident that our highly effective software solutions will help our customers manage their dealerships more effectively, efficiently and profitably.

Pentana Solutions is committed to sustained growth through the provision of quality solutions to the automotive industry. Our company's strategic partnerships deliver quantifiable benefits to our clients, which has helped to drive our own business growth. We employ over 440 staff throughout 11 offices around the globe. We have presence in 116 countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia, United Kingdom, Netherlands, United States, American Samoa, Papua New Guinea , China, Philippines, Thailand, Fiji, Tonga, Vanuatu, Egypt, New Zealand, Western Samoa and our head office based in Australia, Pentana Solutions is in a strong position to expand the business further.

Pentana Solutions has achieved its unrivalled position as the leading Enterprise Resource Planning System supplier in the Asia Pacific region by listening to its customers and meeting their exact needs in the delivery of its products and services. In 2013, Pentana Solutions invested more than $10.3m on Research and Development, which reflects their on-going commitment to providing their customers with the latest software and technology needed to drive their business.

A Pentana Solutions' Enterprise Resource Planning System is an exceptionally powerful information tool a fundamental asset in business development and progress.