Electronic Document Management - DocuSmart

The WilComm electronic document management system has a new name, DocuSmart.

DocuSmart will automate and control the flow of information into and out of your organisation.

The high cost and complex logistics of printing, mailing and storing paper-based forms and documents is driving many organisations to seek alternative methods of creating, distributing and archiving documentation. This alternative is DocuSmart.

The flow of information is effectively the flow of money, it's vital to not have invoices neglected, files misplaces, estimates and statements that never arrive and preprinted forms that should be in the stationary cupboard but aren't.

The DocuSmart suite offers:

  • Output - Automated electronic document creation and distribution
  • Archive - Captures, files and retrieves information automatically 
  • Scan - Capturing information from any source, not just paper documents
  • Payables - Accepts all forms of invoice, scans, recognises and saves electronically
  • Workflow - Capturing documents to be sorted, verified, approved, posted and archived

These modules offer the additional benefits below:

  • Multi-language capability, including Asian languages [DBCS]
  • Platform, printer and application-independent design
  • Integrates with existing IT infrastructure without costly changes or upgrades
  • Supports all common ERP, business and accounting applications

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Download a brochure on Output, Archive, Scan or Payables here.