Pentana Solutions Certified Partner PSCP Platinum

For many years, businesses have being asking to partner with Pentana Solutions. In response, we have created a program called Pentana Solutions Certified Partner (PSCP). This has been designed for select companies that want to take their business to the next level and build an integrated solution. Partners can create a unique, secure interface to develop best business practices within the automotive industry for their customers.

Partner Benefits:

As a certified partner you will benefit from sales and marketing support, comprehensive research and technical enhancements to promote your solution. The program is designed to provide benefits and resources around the leveraging of Pentana Solutions' software, with unique and specialised offerings, allowing partners to operate seamlessly in a Pentana Solutions environment. As a market leader, Pentana Solutions will strive to support each partner's desired business model offering proven robust technology designed with futures capability in mind.

Pentana Solutions are looking for partners who will provide efficient and capable integrated products to the marketplace.

The solutions built will be delivered by well trained partners which will lead to high levels of client satisfaction and just as important, long term business relationships.

Each partner brings exclusive and valuable assets to the relationship and Pentana Solutions remains committed to providing flexibility around how we engage with our partners from all angles of the business.

Leverage our investments

Pentana Solutions' array of products and services is used by over 40,000 people daily, located in 25 countries, where we employee over 380 staff. Approximately 34% of our growth each year is new business that had never dealt with Pentana Solutions before. We are looking at sharing knowledge, resources and research to minimise duplication of effort. This way, we bring better value to our combined partnership by creating and enhancing the kinds of programs and service opportunities we both desire to provide to the automotive industry.

Solutions and Innovations

We share with each other best practices, peer-to-peer advice, ideas for inventive programs and services. We can also work together to foster customer discussions centered on any topic of interest to our customers.

Cooperative Opportunities

Working together, we actively engage customers in the growth, value and opportunities the certified partners can provide. Together we can have a direct impact on providing solutions to our customers' needs.


Our Current Certified Partners are:



Platinum Partner
Fusion Business Solutions is a performance-focused training and consulting firm offering a range of client solutions including automotive dealership training and consulting. Fusion have selected to be a Platinum PSCP which benefits both business. This partnership offers a number of initiatives including integration of our Dealer Management Systems to Fusion Business Solutions' Finance Accelerator software.


Xtime logo


Platinum Partner
Xtime, the leading provider of hosted Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and scheduling software for automotive service departments, has become a Platinum Pentana Solutions Certified Partner. Xtime's ServiceCRMTM platform improves dealership profitability through its focus on service scheduling, service driveway management and customer retention marketing. Xtime is now completing integration with Pentana Solutions as a Platinum PSCP and co-ordinating dealership pilots with several automotive brands in Asia Pacific and Europe.


iTest Drive

Platinum Partner

iTestDrive is specifically designed as a smart phone application for the motor vehicle industry. Pentana has selected iTestDrive to integrate in the ERAnet DMS to offer a unique application to its client base. It has application in most aspects of the business from recording test drives and sales monitoring to vehicle tracking through the workshop and use by external contractors.

The main benefit will be the ease of placing clients into the vehicle for a test drive. It will allow rapid searches for vehicle test drive history. The product will allow real time tracking of all vehicle movements within and outside the dealership.

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